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The Nintendo Switch runs into serious supply problems


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The chip crisis, as we all know, has had a decisive impact on the launch of the next generation consoles. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S are selling well, but the number of units placed a year and a half after their debut would have been higher for both. Nintendo also felt the blow, but not as hard: after all, it was not facing a generational change and already had a production chain that had been running for years. The components that are used in production are easier to find, due to the lower demand on the market.

The arrival of Switch OLED last November, however, showed, while keeping the hardware under the body unchanged, even a giant like Nintendo can get slowed down. The Nintendo Switch is not impossible to find like the PS5, but buying an OLED-Version gets harder and harder. You can possibly pick one up at your local store, but if you order online, you probably have to wait a couple of days, maybe even weeks.

And now there comes bad news from Bloomberg. Upcoming supply chain issues could slow down the Nintendo Switch production for the upcoming holiday season. Hosiden Corp., one of the crucial suppliers for the components of the hybrid console, isn’t able to find the raw materials necessary for production.

More than half of Hosiden Corp.’s revenue comes from supplies for Nintendo. It’s very plausible, that this fact will or already has some repercussions on the Switch market in the coming months. Currently, we know too little about the situation, but the stock price of Hosiden already took a hit. So, investors seem to be skeptic. The weak Yen doesn’t help either.

One thing is sure: Taking this News in consideration, we won’t see a hypothetical Switch Pro anytime soon. Nintendo will try to balance the upcoming holiday season, without running out of stock on their topseller hardware.


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